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The Hotel BORJOMIS KHEOBA, meaning "Borjomi Gorge" in English, was opened on January 15, 2005. The place is a mixture of old Borjomi traditions and the latest technology.

The Hotel offers comfortable rooms, conference hall, outdoor swimming pool, Borjomi mineral water spas and medical services

The Hotel was constructed by the BORJOMIS KHEOBA administration in 2004.

The Spa Center on the 1st floor provides you with an opportunity to consult doctors and determine which therapeutic water procedures might best suit your medical needs. The Spa Center offers:

  • Borjomi mineral water and sulphur water spas;
  • Underwater mechanical massage;
  • Underwater automatic massage and pearl procedures with Borjomi mineral water.

33 comfortable rooms  are located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors at the main building.

  • Bathroom facilities;
  • Satellite TV with 20 channels;
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